AIM at Melanoma Foundation
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AIM at Melanoma Foundation

Founded in 2004, AIM at Melanoma is a global foundation dedicated to fighting the world’s deadliest skin cancer, melanoma. By directing and funding paradigm-shifting research initiatives; educating patients, healthcare professionals, and the public; and advocating for survivors and their families, AIM at Melanoma’s goal is to end this disease in our lifetime while improving the lives of those it affects.

Innovation in Melanoma Research
We believe that the cure for melanoma will be found more quickly by bringing together leading global researchers and funding their collaborative research.

Legislation, Policy & Advocacy
We are the respected voice of melanoma across the nation. When drugs are approved, legislation is drafted, and research is assessed, AIM is at the table, speaking loudly and clearly on behalf of patients and their families. We are trusted advisors for government agencies, medical boards, and pharmaceutical companies on critical topics that affect melanoma patients.

Information & Support
Both in the U.S. and on a global level we provide comprehensive, easy-to-access melanoma resources for patients and health care professionals.