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At we have built an award-winning, validated, free, unbiased, and secure platform where patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals can search for personalized cancer clinical trial and patient experience research options. Our vision is to democratize and diversify cancer research so the benefits of innovative medicine reach ALL patients, faster. 

So what is a clinical trial? A clinical trial is a study of a new medication, protocol or device to evaluate whether it is safe and effective. Data from clinical trials is used to decide whether treatments are approved for use outside of research settings. Clinical trials are important to the discovery, development and approval of prescription and therapeutic drugs.

What are the risks and benefits of clinical trials? When you participate in a clinical trial you can access new treatments before they are on the market and take advantage of new scientific advances. You will also gain access to doctors, healthcare professionals and lots of treatment information. Treatment is typically free and you will also be contributing to research that could benefit future patients. There are also a few risks. You might not respond to the treatment, and you could suffer side effects. You also might not be accepted to the treatment group that you would prefer. You might spend more time in appointments and receive extra tests. When you enroll in a trial these risks will be outlined to you so that you are fully aware of the risks. Check out clinical trials that may be a good fit for you by running a personalized search on

You may also be wondering: what is patient experience research? If you are not ready for a trial or if clinical trials aren’t right for you right now, you may want to consider patient experience research. Participating in this kind of research is low risk (you only give up your time) and is an incredible way to share your personal opinions and insights to help improve cancer treatment and cancer patient experiences in the future. Your input will be used in anonymous form and you will be compensated for your time, usually around $100 per hour. We list all of the current opportunities to participate in these studies at:, check them out! Often caregivers can also participate in this kind of research.

You can find out more about both kinds of research opportunities (clinical trials and patient experience research) and register at By registering with us we’ll keep you updated on new research opportunities automatically so you don’t have to keep checking back in. We’ll only contact you about opportunities that are relevant for you personally, we won’t spam you! 

How do we promote health equity? Clinical trials are one of the best ways for patients to access innovative treatments, and it is important that trials are diverse so that we develop safe medications for all. Unfortunately clinical trials are not currently representative of the actual population and do not reflect the actual burden of disease in cancer. democratizes trial info with the ultimate aim of making participation possible for anyone, bringing us closer to health equity. We are very active with a variety of partner organizations to offer educational and awareness-raising opportunities in efforts to bring research opportunities to under-served groups.

To learn more about clinical trials, patient and caregiver experience research and our health equity work you can follow our social media channels and check out our home page. We share lots of information and resources about cancer research. If you have any questions, please contact us at