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Syneos Health is working to change the way life-changing therapies are developed and delivered to patients. It's important work that impacts lives around the world. We conduct human clinical studies for pharmaceutical companies in virtually every therapeutic area, including oncology and hematology, and at all stages in a product lifecycle. These studies generally aim to assess the efficacy of a study drug in the body and to determine if the study drug is safe to market.

At Syneos Health, we believe that all segments and demographics of our society have the right to equity of access to clinical trials. We believe that in all clinical trials that we support, each disease under study should be closely examined for its prevalence and basic biology across diverse patient groups – age, gender, ethnicity, geography – to ensure that the trial is then appropriately designed, and that operational plans ensure it is accessible to patients representing the burden of disease. Scientifically valid and representative data should be collected to permit true evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a drug within a clinical trial – and which may then most accurately reflect the impact of the drug in real-world populations once the drug is approved. We believe this coordinated approach is mandatory for valid ethical, scientific, and regulatory reasons.

We strive to lead the industry through education, thought leadership and proactive partnerships with key stakeholders – patients, sponsors, sites, investigators, advocacy groups and regulatory bodies. We work with our partners to optimize studies to make research participation more easily accessible for all patients via the following process: 

  • Understanding the disease burden – Who is impacted by the disease in each country and how? 
  • Identifying barriers to trial participation
  • Delivering impactful patient and site engagement
  • Providing services to reduce trial burden 

Syneos Health has formally launched a Patient Voice Consortium, which has been set up to make sure patient perspectives and partnerships are included throughout the drug development and commercialization process. The group has been built from the ground up with people who understand the needs of patients, and how to work with them in areas such as clinical trial design, operations, stakeholder education and access to care. Acting as a hub, it brings together Syneos Health’s therapeutic knowledge and expertise across advocacy and engagement, drug development, behavioral and social science, patient-reported outcomes and registries, regulatory compliance, and health policy.

Contribute Your Voice to Research 

Syneos Health is dedicated to engaging patients as true partners in every aspect of our work. We collect and analyze insights from patients, their families and advocacy communities to inform everything from protocol design, study endpoint identification and patient recruitment to market access and commercialization strategies. Direct experience and knowledge are invaluable to helping us improve research, quality of life and health outcomes in disease and cancer care. If you or someone you know is interested in working with us, please sign up with GRYT, our research partner, to receive notices of relevant research projects that meet your experience:

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