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What is/was in your 'chemo bag'?

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  • Chapstick, phone charger, blanket, pillow, book, headphones, water bottle, snacks, lotion, heat pack, sudoku, pen, notebook, eye drops.

  • An ereader to read some books. A nice cup to hold ice cubes for me to suck on.

  • Journal, coloring book, good writing & coloring utensils, headphones, 10 ft phone charger, cell phone, electrolyte drink packets, change of clothes, extra ostomy supplies, and vomit bags. ~Liz, Bladder Cancer Survivor & GRYT Health Engagement Specialist

  • Chapstick, non slippery socks, button down pjs, Sugar free lemon drops, eye mask, stress ball, gift cards.

  • Charger, Bluetooth headphones, laptop and tablet, eye mask (for naps during long infusions). Soft pillow. I would also bring my own sheets to the hospital for overnight stays because hospital sheets could be scratchy. Oh and my own toilet paper for overnight stays

  • laptop/headphones, puzzle books, (the chemo infusion area has lots of those and other goodies),

  • What’s awesome in our chemo bag ,blankets coloring books AirPods music from your music library ,movies from your Walt Disney app ,journaling ,and having a pillow over your head

  • Snacks, nintendo switch, water bottle, chapstick, puke bag, wallet and something to keep in my mouth during port flushes (#IYKYK)

  • For chemo and herceptin. 3-4 hours. Entertainment: Kindle to read or play games, relaxing and energizing music play list and ear buds. Food: Ice chips, water, snacks For herceptin only it was weekly 1 hr drip. Usually just had water and music to hear.

  • Always kept peppermint candies and Starburst in my bag. Chemo left me with a terrible taste in my mouth.

  • Tablet, headphone, warm socks, snacks, adult coloring books and pencils

  • Finished chemo on herceptin til February and started anastrozole

  • Blanket from a friend, water bottle, journal, chapstick, letters to write to friends, knitting, a book, iPod, peppermint candies for saline flushes.

  • Laptop with movies and a headphone splitter so my husband and I could binge movies/Netflix together! Snacks and tea!

  • That was 17 years ago. I had a pink mini iPod, and as long as my husband was there beside my chemo chair, working on his laptop, I was all set.

  • Chemo bag included shoulder/back heat and massage pad with extension cord, iPad with charger, headphones, and stand, bag of mixed nuts, mocha frap, water bottle, Chicken Soup book, notebook/pen, phone, and mints.

  • Books, sudoku, card deck, all my cords for everything (haha) and a water bottle.

  • In my chemo bag was a bright red warm hoodie, a red hat, red socks, and ice cold water in a red water bottle!

  • My journal, a couple of knick-knacks that were my lucky charms, and lots of extra gloves, masks, and alcohol wipes.

  • Phone charger, headphones, books, drawing materials, a blanket, snacks (tho the chemo room had lots), a vomit bag for the long ride home, lidocaine for the port, and allergy pills for one of the many shots to help with the pain.