Epic Experience
Virtual Exhibitor Booth

Through its week-long adventure camps, regional meetups, and education programming, Epic Experience empowers adult cancer survivors, thrivers, and caregivers to live beyond cancer. Our alumni spans across the US and Canada. Through our programs, adult cancer thrivers over 18, and their caregivers will find a community and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Over the last year, Epic Experience created the How To Cancer Series on YouTube. The mission of this video series is to empower the cancer community of what to expect through a cancer diagnosis. We will cover all topics from diagnosis through survivorship to ensure we are giving the cancer community all the knowledge we can to empower them through their cancer journey. Be sure to check out the videos in the playlist below. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

We also encourage you to subscribe to our Podcast, Campfires of Hope: Living Beyond Cancer aims to empower the adult cancer community through storytelling and education. Epic Experience is a Colorado-based nonprofit that is passionate about ensuring no one goes through a cancer journey alone. Our podcast is hosted by Epic Experience alum Gaial Fay, aka Sunshine. Sunshine is a ghostwriter, editor, and ovarian cancer survivor.