Nov 12

Day 2 Sponsored by Amgen

The Evolution of Care - Harnessing the Power of Your Immune System

In the last decade, immuno-oncology treatments have transformed cancer care and brought new hope to millions of cancer patients. By harnessing the power of each person’s own immune system, immunotherapy has created new treatment options distinctly different from traditional methods. In this session, we will learn what immunotherapy is, how it works and where research is headed for the future. We will leave this session with a better understanding of immunotherapy, including vocabulary to discuss this treatment option with your oncologist.

How to Care for the Caregiver

Caregivers are undercounted, unheard, and all but invisible. They often sacrifice their health, deal with emotional isolation and lack time to care for themselves. This issue is compounded when a caregiver is a woman or a racial/ethnic minority due to the inherent inequities in our economic system and pressure from traditional family paradigms. In this session, we will discuss how we, as a society and individuals, can support caregivers to address their emotional and physical needs and create systems where we proactively help the helpers.

The Whole Wide World of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are more than a last resort option. Clinical trials are the future of medicine. Across cancer stages and types, there are trials out there for everyone. In this session, we will learn how to find clinical trials and their requirements. We will leave this session with a greater understanding of clinical trials, the kinds of trials out there for patients, and how they positively affect the future of healthcare.

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