Nov 12

Day 2 Sponsored by Amgen

Unmasking The Cancer Experience: What COVID Means for Cancer Patients

Masks. Susceptibility to viruses. Cancer survivors have lived through their traumatic times of health vulnerability. Now - throw a global pandemic layer on top of that. In this session, we will learn how cancer survivors should navigate the world with a virus that is not likely to disappear. We will leave this session with actionable tips cancer survivors and caregivers can utilize in their own lives to maintain a state of health well-being.

Nov 13

Changing the Face of Cancer, Together

Founder of The Chris Draft Family Foundation in 2006, Chris’ mission is to empower families to lead healthy lifestyles. Four years later, a cancer diagnosis rocked his world when his wife, Keasha, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. In 2011, Chris and Keasha co-founded Team Draft, a national campaign to change the face of lung cancer. Carrying on her legacy to increase awareness of misconceptions and health disparities, Chris will discuss what advocacy looks like, what it means to hold perspective, and how we can challenge the inequalities in our medical community.

Psst - You’re an Advocate, Too

Advocacy is a big word, but being an advocate comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. There is a good chance you are already an advocate - you just don’t know it. In this session, we will learn what advocacy is, what it means to find and own our voice, and dispel those imposter feelings. We will leave this session feeling more confident in our ability to use our voice and create changes in our lives.

Building Your Tribe: Allyship Through Cultural Competency

Being an ally and selecting a community is an ever-evolving process. Maybe there is a community that works for you, or you’re involved in a community that only meets half of your needs, or you haven’t found one yet. As we move along our journeys, our needs and interests will change - and so will the organizations we both support and support us. In this session, we will cover what it means to look through the “allyship” lens when choosing an organization and how to be a good ally for underserved communities. We will leave this session with the knowledge that your own needs are unique and how to filter communities in a way that works for you.

The Relationship Dynamics of Cancer

Cancer worms its way into everything in our life, including self-talk, mental health, relationships, and intimacy with partners. In this session, we will hear several perspectives about how our relationship dynamics are strained from a cancer diagnosis, whether it’s your own or someone you know and love. We will leave this session knowing how to communicate our mental and physical health needs in a way that flourishes our relationships with ourselves and others instead of muddling them.

Making Clinical Trials More Accessible to All

Clinical trials should embrace health equity, not serve as a barrier to it. In this session, we will hear how industry sponsors are approaching clinical trials with a move towards ensuring diverse representation, inclusion of patient voice, and how technology is enabling more access to patient research. We will leave this session with a better understanding of how trial sponsors are bringing the clinical trial journey to patients’ doorsteps.

This Shyt Lasts Forever: Dealing With Long Term Side Effects

Treatment may be ongoing or may have ended, but long-term side effects are forever. In this session, we will have our side effects acknowledged by leading medical professionals. We will leave this session by learning habits to cope with long-term side effects in healthy ways, improve our quality of life, and help minimize pain and discomfort.

Finding Power Through Your Voice

Your voice and experiences matter. Eight selected members from the GRYT Health community will have five minutes each to share their stories of hardship, belonging, perseverance, "gryt," and more live. We will leave this session knowing that we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings.

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