Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Opening Session

Join us as we begin the Global Virtual Cancer Conference with a welcome from GRYT Health’s CEO, Dave Craig, opening remarks from Jasmine Greenamyer addressing Bristol Myers Squibb’s accelerated and expanded health equity and diversity and inclusion efforts to narrow health disparities, and a keynote address and performance by singer, songwriter, and three-time cancer survivor, Bianca Muñiz.

Prostate Cancer & Caregiving: It’s a Unique Experience

Caring for another person is a huge undertaking. As Prostate Cancer Caregivers, we often have a very involved role and influence in the choices of treatment and shared decision making with little support for the care we provide to our loved ones or understanding for how this impacts our emotional and intimacy needs during and after our loved one’s treatment.  In this session we will discuss how Prostate Cancer Caregivers influence the choices of treatment, shared decision making, support gaps they experience, and emotional/sexual health needs. We will leave this session feeling empowered in our role as caregivers with ideas on how to support ourselves while supporting the ones we love.  *Note: This meeting will be recorded. Participants can engage with the session as much as they are comfortable, i.e. turning on their video and/or unmuting themselves to speak.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Importance of Language and Representation in Cancer Care

Navigating a cancer diagnosis is challenging enough but when you add English as a second, or third, language, those challenges exponentially increase. In this session we will discuss the legal, cultural, and communication barriers that can exist when receiving cancer care. We will leave this session empowered to find Spanish resources, advocate for our needs, and build a network of support.

Understanding Your Fears: How To Be an Empowering Caregiver

Supporting someone going through cancer requires holding space for them without projecting our fears. However, even with the best intentions, we will sometimes say the wrong thing. In this session, we will discuss the difference between empathy and sympathy. We will also talk about healthy communication and how to hold space for our fears. We’re in this together and will leave this session feeling more comfortable supporting our loved ones and empowered in our communication.

Self-Exploration & Awareness: Learning to Recognize the Subtle Differences in Your Own Body & the Importance of Routine Health Screenings

Self-check can seem trivial or unnecessary until someone you know receives a diagnosis, but regular checks and knowing your body is the key to early detection. In this session, we will learn what to look for, when to seek out further care and what routine screenings are important. We will leave this session with skills to check our bodies for changes, a deeper understanding of the importance of early detection and the confidence to advocate for ourselves.

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