Building Your Tribe: Allyship Through Cultural Competency

Nov 13, 2021 11:00 AM (ET)

building your tribe

Being an ally and selecting a community is an ever-evolving process. Maybe there is a community that works for you, or you’re involved in a community that only meets half of your needs, or you haven’t found one yet. As we move along our journeys, our needs and interests will change - and so will the organizations we both support and support us. In this session, we will cover what it means to look through the “allyship” lens when choosing an organization and how to be a good ally for underserved communities. We will leave this session with the knowledge that your own needs are unique and how to filter communities in a way that works for you.


Hayley Dinerman (she/her)
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

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Ricki Fairley (she/her)
CEO and Co-Founder, TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance

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